Yard Card Supply: What's So Special About Yard Cards?

Yard Card Supply: What's So Special About Yard Cards?

Yard cards have always been around but the pandemic really gave them the exposure they needed. As the world locked itself behind closed doors, people looked for new and exciting ways to celebrate loved ones they couldn't physically be with. All of a sudden, we began seeing yard cards on neighbors lawns with different adoring and funny write-ups.

It was only a matter of time before almost everyone was looking to get their hands on them. Social media was agog with pictures and videos of unending yard card supply for our viewing pleasure.

But what makes these yard cards so special?

Celebrate loved ones

These were the most common yard cards during the pandemic but they also have other uses. Rather than just send them a text or a card for their birthdays, anniversary, or promotion, yard cards go the extra mile to show them how proud you are of them.

Target local audience

There's absolutely nothing wrong with social media marketing and promotion tools but as a local business, your target audience is around your community. This doesn't mean you should take down your internet promotions but making use of a yard card can draw in the attention of people walking or driving by your home or business. Since they're so beautiful, almost everyone would turn to read them.

Cheap marketing tool

Another reason why yard cards make a fantastic marketing tool is because they're cheap. That's right, they're cheap! Growing a local business can be tough, and a good way to break even and make profit is to keep operating costs low. Since marketing is an essential aspect of a business, incorporating cheaper, effective tools is the right way to go. Yard cards are cheap to invest in and wouldn't put a hole in your pockets.


A striking feature of these yard cards is that they can be custom-made. This means you can really get creative with them and incorporate your style and personality into them. People get bored easily when they see the same thing over and again. Make your yard card stand out by adding a unique design or inscription that's catchy.


Arguably, not all yard cards are durable and long lasting. However, there are some made with more resilient materials that can allow them to stay firm throughout all weather seasons. They may cost slightly more than the other inferior quality types but at least you're sure they'll last longer than the others.


Yard cards are a good way to give awareness to a cause, business, or tell loved ones how much you appreciate them. Since they are customizable, there's really no limit to how they can be used. The most important thing is to ensure they stand out in design and what is written. Don't worry; people will definitely notice the yard cards because they stand out from the background.