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Unblock UBOX9 Super TV Box

by debrea

In exchange for a one-time payment, users can access over two thousand live channels. With unblock ubox9 Super Tv box, enjoy ad-free experience and watch a variety of live channels.

This generation of the TV box has made major improvements which is a more stable and faster experience than the previous one.

There’ve been significant advancements in hardware, and by utilizing cutting-edge technology, this TV box can be your entertainment partner. You’ll find a list of movies and sporting events that you’ll enjoy.

A feature list for UBOX9 Pro Max TV Box

6K HDR: Watching TV is all about getting a high quality of image. 6K HDR is introduced in this Box for better and clear image

  1. H616 processor: To improve the experience for the audience, the H616 processor supports pictures at very high quality. With consuming minimal power it generates more performance.
  2. Memory plays a very important role. Featuring 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, it gives users quality experience. You can run large scale operations without compromising the speed and large storage can help you download your favorite apps.
  3. AI Voice System: The box offers an AI voice control system that allows you to command the device. It also meets this requirement as a new generation box.Taking your experience towards the comfort.
  4. Dual band WIFI: Internet is the most important part in smart tv devices. UBOX9 Pro Max offers dual wifi band of 2.4G/5G which gives users the opportunity to get lightning internet with wireless network.
  5. Android 10.0 system: With the Android 10.0 system, you can get a smoother experience with fewer bugs. Plus, it’s much faster and easier to use.
  6. Global CDN Node Acceleration: Global CDN full coverage acceleration covers 15 countries and regions, which allows for a fast and reliable network without connection problems.

Why UBOX9 Pro Max TV Box ?

  • You might want to consider a device that gives you access to live channels. These devices are more than just televisions, though.
  • The one-time investment is better than old digital TV since there are no monthly fees to pay
  • For Chinese families, it offers global channels with the experience of their own country in foreign countries.

If you are a sports fan, this device is ideal for you because it covers the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Football, World Cup, Olympic Games, and any other sport you are interested in.

  • If you are an existing UBOX user, you can upgrade because this time major hardware improvements have been made, as well as many new features for the best experience. This time it is faster, more stable, and has higher image quality to make your experience worthwhile.
  • You can also rewind your live television channels for 7 days, which can cover missed live matches and shows.
  • Multi screen interaction is the best possible way to get connected your device and mobile phones if they are connected under one wifi.which enables you to play your mobile games on a bigger screen and watch your favorite shows.

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