Tips to Buy Bullet Tumbler

Tips to Buy Bullet Tumbler

Tumblers are insulated bottles designed to keep the drinks fresh and at a constant temperature, like to keep the coffee hot in winter. These bottles can use for various purposes, from taking cold water to taking any other drink. The tumbler bottle is now available in multiple designs, materials, sizes, and shapes; the same is Alibaba's collection.

The bullet tumbler design is becoming popular among tumbler bottles because of its unique appearance. This is also because the water bottle is shaped like a bullet and has a handle that makes it easy to carry. It also has a straw-type lid, allowing the person to drink easily. It also comes with an inner partition that works as a filter to avoid the overflow of water onto your face.

However, regardless of the primary mechanism, these features can vary from brand to product or product. So, there are many other factors that you should consider when buying a bullet-tumbler water bottle for yourself or your loved ones.

Below are some tips to help you find the best bullet tumbler on the market!

Don't Choose Plastic Bottles

Tumbler bottles are made of stainless steel, glass, plastic, etc. However, among all the materials, plastic is the one that is not recommended to buy. Though plastic tumblers are more affordable and lightweight, they can harm your health.

Plastic tumblers might not be much harmful to cold water, but low-quality plastic can be toxic when used for hot drinks. So, rather than taking any health risks, it's better not to buy a plastic bullet tumbler.

Choose a Bottle With a Wide Mouth

Usually, the bullet tumblers come with a narrow lid opening through which you can drink. However, the bottle opening from where the lid is attached should be wider enough that you can put ice pieces or any other such things.

Check for BPA-Free Labels

BPA is a harmful chemical in packaging plastics; even the low-quality cheaper bullet tumblers can also have them. So, when buying a bottle, check the product's BPA-free label.

Choose Stainless Steel/Aluminum Material

As mentioned above, different materials of tumbler bottles with the harmful effects of plastic. Other than plastic, these bottles are also available in glass, but glass bottles are sensitive to breakage, so they are not recommended much.

So, when buying tumbler bullets, aluminum and stainless steel are highly recommended materials because they are free of BPA, durable, long-lasting, and also prone to breakage.

Check the Insulation Level of Your Water Bottle

The tumbler bottles have deficient insulation levels as their construction is different. However, almost every bottle's insulation period is mentioned in the description. So, make sure to check the status and buy the one that you need.

The single-walled bottles always have less insulation than double-walled, so you can also check for this factor.


A quality bullet tumbler water bottle will help you stay hydrated on the go and save money on bottled water purchases. However, to get such a bottle, you need to pay extra attention to the factors required to make the bottle long-lasting. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the right decision and find the best bottle.