The Best Highly Rated MTL E-juice in the Market

The Best Highly Rated MTL E-juice in the Market

E-liquids having high PG, nic salt, or a high nicotine strength are the best for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. A good mtl e-juice usually has high PG ratio than VG. When the PG content is high, the E-liquid is thinner and gets to the vape coil faster.

MTL juices tend to have a high throat hit and flavour; that's why it's favoured most by those switching from smoking to vaping. Each MTL ejuice offers its own excitement and benefits depending on which one the vaper is using.

What Is Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vaping?

Mouth-to-lung vaping is where you inhale vape juice in vapour form and hold it in the mouth briefly before inhaling it into your lungs. Similar to how you smoke a cigarette.

What Are PG and VG in MTL Vaping?

These are the main components of an e-liquid. PG (Propelyn glycol) is a thin liquid that provides throat hit and flavour when vaping. VG (Vegetable glycerine) is a thick liquid that creates vapour. A high PG ratio means more throat hit and flavour, while a high VG ratio means more cloud of vapours but less flavour.

A good MTL ejuice has to have a high PG ratio in PG:VG ratio, a nice throat hit, and nic salt or high nicotine strength.

Best Mouth to Lung E-liquid

Here are some of the highly rated types of ejuice for MTL vaping.

#1 - Vampire Vape E-liquid

Vampire Vape is a leading UK producer of E-liquid, producing some of the most popular flavours like Heisenberg and Pinkman. They have over 50 different flavours offering something for every vaper. A 10ml Vampire Vape E-juice goes for £3.99.

#2 - Ohm Boy Nic Salts

For vapers who can't adjust to the hit sensation of nicotine solution, 'Ohm Boy Nic Salts' is for you. It has a far more gentle, calm vape to the throat and chest. Available in 10ml for £3.99 and comes in a wide range of flavours like Rhubarb, Raspberry, Passionfruit, Orange Blossom, and Valencia Orange.

#3 - Red Label E-liquid

Red Label ejuice has a range of nicotine strength from 0% to 1.8%, and the PG/VG ratio is 50/50. It is designed and produced in the UK with over 50 e-liquid flavours to choose from. Get a 10ml bottle of Red label E-liquid at £4.99.

#4 - Just Juice 50/50

This ejuice offers a wide range of fruity flavours. Vapers, especially those using tobacco blends, often move to fruit-flavoured vapes. Just Juice 50/50 comes in fruit flavours like mango, orange, passionfruit, guava, cranberry, and kiwi. You will spend £4.49 for a 10ml bottle.

#5 - Riot Squad PUNX E-liquid

You will experience a sharp nicotine hit and large vapour production when using Riot Squad PUNX ejuice. This e-liquid offers the benefits of both free base e-liquid and nic salts. The fusion of two fruits, watermelon, and blackcurrant flavours, creates a warm taste with a touch of a tropical twist. Available in 10ml for £3.99.

#6 - MIST Editions CBD

This e-liquid is highly recommended for those suffering from inflammatory diseases and other ailments as it has a wide range of benefits. It is extracted from the cannabis plant, brewed at a 70PG/30VG ratio, and blended at a strength of 100mg. Comes in a variety of flavours in a 10ml bottle at £9.99.