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Pressure Washer’s Nozzles Guide

by debrea

Choosing an appropriate nozzle, it nearly doesn’t matter what your pressure washer’s PSI and GPM are – you’ll get the clean you want – since the nozzle is what creates the pressure in the pressure washers. The nozzle of the pressure washer is quite commonly used to determine the water stream flow and angle.

The angle matters because it influences what the water stream can do. A narrow-angle spray has greater power than a wide-angle spray.

Color Coding of Nozzles

Fortunately, pressure washer nozzles are all color-coded.

Red-Colored Nozzle

A red tip represents the smallest angle—zero degrees. This tip generates a spray of water that can do significant damage, so proceed with caution. It is advised not to use the red nozzle on the nearby surfaces

Yellow-Colored Nozzle

Yellow tips produce a 15-degree angle spray. It is quite commonly used whenever you would like to clean the concrete.

Green-Colored Nozzle

The green-colored nozzle sprays at 25 degrees. This is ideal for general-purpose domestic pressure washing. Moreover, It is the type of nozzle that is also used for washing your vehicle or patio furniture.

White-Colored Nozzle

A white tip provides a 40-degree spray, making it one of the most user-friendly nozzles. If you’re planning an external home cleaning day, use the white tip. A white-tipped nozzle is appropriate for cleaning windows and siding.

Black Colored Nozzle

The black nozzle is considered to be the most gentle having an angle of 65 degrees. In fact, because this spray is so light, it rarely removes dirt or stains. Instead, use this nozzle to simply wet a surface.

Special Nozzles Along with Attachments

Consider using an attachment made specifically for the work you need to perform for even more effective cleaning. Here are a few of the most common pressure washer attachments.

Surface Washer

This attachment distributes a high-pressure stream of water across a broader surface area than a single spray. This is useful for cleaning areas of concrete, such as a driveway.

Rotating Nozzles

A rotary tip, sometimes known as a turbo nozzle, generates a spinning zero-degree water stream. This nozzle is particularly excellent for eliminating stubborn stains and filthy buildup.


A broom is another attachment that is used to divide water jet for enhanced cleaning force and area for cleaning.

Wand Expander

If you are in need to clean surfaces that are at height, a wand expander is the best attachment on the market.

Soap/Detergent Reservoir

It is a tank that is used for connecting the washer and used to have a cleaning solution contained. It should be ample enough to contain a sufficient amount of the detergent solution in the reservoir that can readily be conveyed to the washer.

Parting Words

Say that you are doing the pressure washing for the very first time, it looks significantly easy, isn’t it? However, you have to take care to avoid any safety concerns. As you become more at ease, walk a little closer while keeping an eye out for damage to the surface.

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