Nanrobot Electric Scooter Buyers Guide

Nanrobot Electric Scooter Buyers Guide

Electric scooters are two-wheeler vehicles that are guaranteed to improve your transportation experience with their innovative and versatile design. Go Now to this link to learn about nanrobot and their products in details.

In this article, we will see about electric scooters, Nanrobot electric scooter buyers’ guide, how to choose the right electric scooter, and Nanrobot electric scooter product recommendations.

How To Choose The Right Electric Scooter?

The thrill of buying an electric scooter is followed by the responsibility of choosing the right electric scooter for you.  There’s a list of things you need to look into while choosing the right electric scooter.

1. Battery Type

Most electric scooters will have Lithium-ion batteries due to their excellent energy output and durability. These battery packs are made of individual cells and electronics called battery management systems.

2. Battery Capacity

E-scooter battery capacity is rated in units of watt-hours which are easy to understand, when a battery capacity is more the Scooters running time also increases. Buying a battery with high capacity is important to increase the run time of an E-scooter. Scooters having excellent performance can run up to 60 miles.

3. Scooter’s Make Material

Most of the scooters are made of aerospace alloy, aluminum of industrial grade, or carbon fiber body. Some Companies use aerospace aluminum alloy because it's lighter and much more durable than metal.

4. Design

The design of an electric scooter is very important for its mobility and ease of access, the scooter should be aerodynamically designed to above drag and traction. A lightweight body also contributes to the smooth mobility of the scooter.

5. Budget

Buying an electric scooter is usually based on a person's usage levels, low-end scooters start at less than $300 and mid-range scooters start from a rate of $300 to $600.

6. Warranty

Most of the companies offer up to 10 years for batteries and a few years for the scooter parts. It is important to check the warranty types for the scooter as buying a new battery can cost a lot of money.

7. Spare Parts Availability

It’s wise to buy a popular model of the scooter because then the spare parts are easy to get. Spares sometimes don’t fit exactly in compared to the original fitting thus finishing the exact spare should also be kept in mind.

8. After Sales Service

Electric vehicles are complex pieces of machinery that cannot be repaired like normal two-wheelers, thus it's best to find the best service. Only authorized service centers have the machinery to repair or regular service.

Product Recommendations

Here are a few product recommendations such as Nanrobot N6, Nanrobot LS7+, Nanrobot D6+ 2.0, Nanrobot Lightning 2.0, Nanrobot D4+3.0, and Nanrobot X-Spark.

1. Nanrobot N6

It’s equipped with 2000W dual motors. Its top speed extends up to 65km/40mph which allows the user to ride up to 50-60km.

2. Nanrobot LS7+

It’s equipped with 4800W brushless dual motors. Its speed extends up to 110 km/h. The e-scooter has three-speed gears.

3. Nanrobot D6+ 2.0

It’s equipped with 2 x 1000W high-performance dual motors. . Its speed ranges up to 40 miles. Its front and rear hydraulic/disc brake possess amazing stopping power.

4. Nanrobot Lightning 2.0

This is a budget-friendly option for budget-conscious customers. Its 8-inch solid tires highlight its ultra-efficiency.

5. Nanrobot D4+3.0

It’s equipped with a 52V 23Ah lithium battery. Its driving range extends up to 40-mile. It provides great bump-free rides.

6. Nanrobot X-Spark

Some of its great features include being lightweight, providing great surface comfort, and being perfect for daily commuting.


Nanrobot’s electric scooters make use of the latest technology to the fullest which is reflected in its hi-tech features. It’s an ideal product that satisfies all the desirable factors that one might be looking for.