How To Get Coins Fast In FIFA 22

How To Get Coins Fast In FIFA 22

The game FIFA is one of the most popular games in the game world. A lot of gamers play the game. The game has now gotten more interesting with its latest update having features that allow players to build their dream squad and also compete with one friend and other online gamers. However, these features can be activated on the new FIFA 22 using the FIFA coin.

FIFA coin is a virtual currency in FIFA Ultimate Team game mode, which helps you to partake in competitions and enjoy other features of the game. The FUT coin can be acquired in the game by any means, which a lot of people are unaware of or believe or know that there is only one-way FUT coin can be obtained. In this article,  we will be discussing various ways in which FIFA coins can be obtained

How To Get FUT Coin

  • By Playing The Game:One of the major ways to get coins for FIFA 22 is to play the game. This method does not require payment of any form. The more the game is played, the more the coin a gamer gets. And also, when a player gets through the season's progress, a coin boost will be gifted to the gamer, and more coins will be acquired.
  • Trading: This is also one of the ways you can get FUT coins; trading involves buying and selling players. You can either buy a player early and resell the player higher than the amount invested or buy and hold the player till its value. So it is necessary for gamers to constantly check the market for cheap players and also know the value of each of their players in the market.
  • Buying Of FIFA Coin:FIFA coins can also be purchased with money; many sites are rendering the services of selling FIFA coins. Sites like iGvaults, where you can obtain cheap fifa 22 coins , a lot of people make use of this method in getting their coin as they believe it is less stressful and faster compared to other methods that require playing the game before obtaining the coin.
  • Sell Unneeded FUT Items: Another way of obtaining FIFA coin is to get rid of players that you don't need. Once a player is sold,  most especially highly rated players, the gamer is set to get enough coins for them. Not only unneeded players can be sold for coin, also consumables, chemistries and other stuffs you don't need in your game can be sold for coin.
  • Play FUT Draft: This is also a way of obtaining coins but mostly unregarded by gamers. This method involves having a formation and a set of players to use for 4 matches consecutively. If the match is played by the gamer and won the gamer will he credited with coin


Obtaining coins makes the game more interesting and competitive. With the following ways to obtain coins above you can get coins and make FIFA 22 more interesting for you to play.