How to Choose a Pod Vape System

How to Choose a Pod Vape System

The market is full of different prime pod systems, so choosing the most ideal becomes tricky. Do you want a particular brand model? Like the caliburn koko prime pod system. All the UWELL prime pod systems are worth it; however, knowing the right buying tips helps you save money and choose what suits your needs. This article explains things to consider when buying a prime pod vape system.

Tips for selecting a prime pod vape system

Have you been thinking of exploiting the prime pod devices and do not know where to start? It feels good when you buy something that satisfies you. It is because you feel that your money and time have not gone to waste. Many factors can guide you through the buying process, so you have to note what to focus on keenly. We look at the most important ones below.


Pod vape systems can be MTL (mouth-to-lung) or DTL (direct-to-lung). When using the MTL, the vapor first goes into your mouth before breathing down your lungs. They are best suited for people wanting to start vaping from cigarette smoking. Also, they are the most common and readily available in the market. The DTL type requires you to inhale the vapor directly into your lungs. It's powerful, and the vapor clouds are massive. So, it's suitable for experienced vapors, and beginners may not know how to handle or regulate the vapor intake.

Open or closed vape pods

The open vape pods, also known as refillable pods, allow you to refill the e-juice upon depletion. The closed vape or pre-filled vape pod comes with a certain amount of e-liquid. Once the juice runs out, you must replace the pod to continue vaping. Both types have advantages and disadvantages, but the open vape pod system proves more beneficial. Refilling it saves you the money you'd use to get new pods. Until the coil and wick stop functioning, you can still use the open vape pod easily.

Battery life

Vaping is impossible without a battery as it is the device's controller. They have different capacities but avoid those with anything below 400 mAh. As a regular vaper, you want something between 400 and 1000 + mAh. Vape pod systems are designed to be portable; a good battery will do the job well.


A set budget is an excellent way to determine the kind of vape pod you choose. Some pods are costly, while others have affordable prices. Some stores sell great vape pod systems at friendly prices, and a good example is the UWELL website. Weigh your options based on the extra costs that may accrue along the way.


All the points above are worth considering to get the best prime pod vape systems. MTL vape pods are best for beginners, while the DTL is perfect for advanced users. Pick a good capacity battery to last you long and choose between the refillable and pre-filled pods. Whichever you want, consider the initial price and any other that may arise from replacing the pods.