Embellish Your Garments With World-Class Bubble Gum Beads

Embellish Your Garments With World-Class Bubble Gum Beads

Struggling to find ways to make your garments/ artwork speak the words? Want to make your clothes attractive or engaging? Do you want to increase your sales on various apparel/ garments? No need to worry. You can make effective use of bubble gum beads.

The beads are the accessories that make your garment or clothes pop up. They add up to the overall beauty of the clothes. You can even use them in the artwork. Their shiny surface reflects the light and attracts people's attention. No matter at a party, wedding ceremony, or special occasion, you can uniquely differentiate yourself.

What Does Bubble Gum Beads Mean?

Bubble gum beads are usually acrylic, glass, plastic, or even Lucite. You can order them in any size you want. The most popular sizes include 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, and up to 16mm. It also provides you with a wide variety of colors, including red, blue, white, yellow, purple, green, etc. You can also order in any custom color you want.

How Can You Take Benefit From Bubble Gum Beads?

The bubble gum beads offer several features that make them unique and popular in the garment embellishment industry. Some key features are:

Multiple Patterns

A plethora of choices when it comes to patterns in beads. You can choose any pattern like polka dot, striped, crackle, plain, chunky, etc. Each pattern represents a specific sense and credibility. The plethora of patterns enables you exactly match them as per the pattern or design of your particular garment. Some beads also have a glittery appearance because of the glitter on them.

Excellent Gloss

The glossiness is the key thing when it comes to bubble gum beads. Imagine something dull in beads. It will result in total attraction loss and will not make them pop up. People like shiny, reflective, and noticeable details regarding their clothing accessories. Bubble gum beads help you make it possible.

Strong Colors

As you know, frequent usage of garments or apparel often gets dirty. The only solution left after that is washing. You don't need to worry when washing your garment. The beads will never lose their colors. This feature is what most people are searching for when it comes to their beads. Repeated washing will never fade its colors.

Cost Effective

People are very conscious of the cost of the product. They hesitate to invest in a product that offers them a lower ROI. You can order your desired beads at a very lower cost. This will allow you to get the most out of your investment. You will love the profits you reap.

Easy Sewing

The beads feature a shell in the center. You can use this to put the beads on various garment accessories. It will keep them intact on any garment you are putting them on. The size of the hole is not too large or too small. You don't need to worry about losing the bead after sewing. This will give you a competitive advantage over others.